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NeighborWorks Orange County Celebrates 45th Year Anniversary with a Spectacular Event at Tustin Ranch Golf Club

NeighborWorks Orange County Celebrates 45th Year Anniversary with a Spectacular Event at Tustin Ranch Golf Club

Santa Ana, CA, June 20, 2023 – NeighborWorks Orange County, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to creating affordable housing and building stronger communities, marked its 45th year anniversary in style with a memorable event at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club on June 15th. The evening was filled with joyous celebrations, reflections on past accomplishments, and a renewed commitment to the organization’s mission.

The 45th Year Anniversary Event gathered over 100 guests, including community leaders, volunteers, donors, and partners who have supported NeighborWorks Orange County’s initiatives throughout its four-and-a-half-decade journey. The event began with a warm welcome from event coordinator The Lukes Network COO, Jay Lukes, followed by NeighborWorks Orange County’s CEO and President, Helen O’Sullivan, who expressed gratitude to everyone for their continuous support and acknowledged the remarkable milestones achieved over the years.

“The NeighborWorks Orange County 45th Year Anniversary Event was a true testament to the power of community collaboration and the unwavering commitment to our mission,” said Helen O’Sullivan, CEO and President of NeighborWorks Orange County. “For 45 years, we have been transforming lives and neighborhoods, creating affordable housing opportunities, and empowering individuals and families. This event provided an opportunity to celebrate our collective achievements and recommit ourselves to the vital work ahead.”

The ambiance was vibrant as guests enjoyed a cocktail reception overlooking the golf course, along with multiple contests, prizes, photo booth opportunities and a live art demonstration. The sunset provided a beautiful backdrop, setting the tone for an evening of celebration and gratitude. The event also featured a video showcasing NeighborWorks Orange County’s impactful projects and programs throughout the years, highlighting the organization’s commitment to creating affordable housing opportunities and revitalizing neighborhoods.

A highlight of the evening was the address delivered by Josh Alvarez, a benefactor of NeighborWorks Orange County. Mr. Alvarez emphasized the organization’s significant impact to the local community and shared his own first hand experience. His heartfelt speech resonated with the attendees, reaffirming their dedication to NeighborWorks Orange County’s mission. Another key feature included the City of Laguna Hills and the City of Anaheim certificate of recognition presented to NeighborWorks Orange County.

In recognition of the organization’s 45th anniversary, several key community partners and sponsors were honored for their exceptional contributions. Event sponsors include: Gold Sponsors: City National Bank, RBC Company, The Change Company; Silver Sponsors: Luther Burbank Savings, California Bank & Trust; Non-Profit Community Partners: Orange County Community Housing, Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County, Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services Inc., Jamboree Housing Corporation; Underwriters: Bank of Southern California, Wells Fargo, KCOMM, Affordable Housing Clearinghouse, and Jason Hanck Art | Arcaedable Events.

The event concluded with a lively gala dinner, where guests enjoyed an exquisite meal, live entertainment featuring the Family Style Band and dancing. The festive atmosphere created an opportunity for attendees to network, share stories, and strengthen relationships, fostering a sense of camaraderie among those united by the common goal of community development.

“We are incredibly proud to celebrate 45 years of NeighborWorks Orange County’s unwavering commitment to transforming lives and communities,” added Helen O’Sullivan. “The success we have achieved would not have been possible without the support of our generous donors, volunteers, and partners. Together, we will continue to create affordable housing and promote community education and revitalization, ensuring a brighter future for all.”

The NeighborWorks Orange County 45th Year Anniversary Event at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club was a success, reflecting the organization’s dedication and the collective efforts of its supporters. As NeighborWorks Orange County embarks on its next chapter, it remains steadfast in its mission to provide affordable housing and empower individuals and families, ultimately building stronger, thriving communities.

About NeighborWorks Orange County

NeighborWorks Orange County is a nonprofit organization that promotes homeownership and community development in Orange County, California. Since 1977, NWOC has provided education, counseling, and support to help families become homeowners, and has worked to improve neighborhoods and support economic development. For more information, please visit https://nwoc.org


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