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NeighborWorks Orange County Receives CalHFA Funding

CalHFA Funding

NeighborWorks Orange County empowers people and communities to build wealth through homeownership, financial education, and access to affordable homes.

With an emphasis on affordability and sustainability, our team of certified counselors provides counseling in Rental, Pre-Purchase, Mortgage Delinquency & Default and HECM/Reverse Mortgage Counseling with a goal to sustain and secure housing. 

This year, NeighborWorks Orange County is pleased to have been selected as a CalHFA grant recipient. This grant will enable NWOC’s HUD Certified Counselors to provide free counseling in rental, pre-purchase, default/foreclosure prevention, and reverse mortgage/HECM counseling through July 2024. 

With CalFHA’s funding, our team continues to focus on the importance of affordability and sustainability for clients seeking counseling. 

About CalHFA

CalHFA, or the California Housing Finance Agency, is a state agency in California that provides various forms of financial assistance and support to help in-state residents afford housing. Their funding supports numerous financial resources and programs, including those offered at NWOC. 


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